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Tattoo Removal 101: Expert Advice Before You Begin

Updated: May 30

Laser tattoo removal procedure at Byron Electric

Considering tattoo removal? You're in the right place. More Australians are opting to part ways with their ink, and it's now more accessible and affordable than ever. While social media offers quick and informative videos, it also spreads some myths and half-truths. In this guide, I'll share essential facts and insights. Spend just a few minutes with me, and we'll address the most common questions and concerns we hear during our consultations at Byron Electric Tattoo Removal.

1. Is Laser Tattoo Removal Right for You?

This is a key factor, so it’s listed first. Is your tattoo suitable for safe and effective laser removal? Factors like skin tone, ink density, placement, and certain ink pigments can make some tattoos more challenging to remove. We rely on the Kirby-Desai Scale to estimate the number of sessions and foresee potential difficulties. You can answer questions to assess how many sessions might be needed. While it’s not exact, it provides a helpful estimate.

Laser tattoo removal procedure at Byron Electric

When you send us your tattoo photos, we always use this scale to gauge your potential outcomes. The Kirby-Desai Scale is a beneficial tool for both technicians and clients. Give it a try!

2. Understanding the Cost Investment

Now that you have scored your tattoo with the Kirby-Desai Scale, the next most important factor is the cost investment. Costs can range widely as different clinics use different hardware and have varying levels of experience. Cheap isn’t always better and often leads to inferior equipment and poor workmanship. It’s better not to price shop for tattoo removal but to spend a bit extra to ensure you're in safe hands.

At Byron Electric, we use advanced technology, have the expertise, and keep our operating costs low to pass the savings on to our clients. We offer flexible and discounted rates during certain times of the year, and Afterpay instalments and better cash prices. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote!

3. Commitment to the Process

The third most important factor is your commitment to the process. To achieve the best results and eventual removal, you will need to commit to a series of treatments over at least 6 months to a year, sometimes longer. The interval between treatments can be from 6-10 weeks, allowing your lymphatic system to flush out the shattered ink particles. If you're prepared to commit for the long haul, you're one step closer to starting! Time flies, and before you know it, the tattoo will be gone, so it’s best to start as soon as possible if you’ve decided to just go for it.

4. The Pain Factor: It Hurts, But It’s Bearable!

Pain is subjective and influenced by the tattoo's size and location. Fortunately, the removal process is relatively quick compared to getting a tattoo, and we use air coolers and numbing creams to minimise discomfort. While some clients are comfortable without numbing creams, others find them helpful. Typically, tattoos smaller than palm size are tolerable, but for larger ones, a numbing cream is advisable. We can discuss your pain tolerance and whether a numbing cream would be beneficial during your consultation.

5. Patience and Mindset

Patience is extremely important when it comes to tattoo removal. Managing your expectations helps you get on with your life while your body works behind the scenes to remove the ink particles. Sometimes we see great results after 1 or 2 treatments, and other times it takes more sessions to start seeing noticeable results. This is where your patience will help you get through stages where you might feel like it's not happening. It is happening!

As a bonus, we always offer the last mop-up treatment free of charge as a thank you for committing and staying the course. We also want to include your before and after photos in our portfolio of successful removals, so it's in our best interests to finish all of our projects!

6. Choosing the Right Technician

Finding the best person for the job is crucial. Google search top studios and clinics, check out their reviews, and importantly, a portfolio of their current and finished projects. Consider a clinic close to you as you will need to travel every 8 weeks or so for treatments. Check their technology and experience levels, pricing, and if they offer seasonal discounts or instalment payments. See how responsive they are when you contact them and organise a consultation via phone or in person to ensure you feel comfortable with the technician.


With the information provided, you now have the knowledge to take the next step. You're equipped to ask the right questions and know what to expect. Byron Electric Tattoo Removal, situated in Byron Bay, serves clients in the greater Northern Rivers and Gold Coast regions, offering tailored tattoo removal and lightening solutions. If you would like to contact us, we’re located in the industrial estate of Byron Bay and open 7 days by appointment only. We’d love to start on your project and achieve some great results. Get in touch with us anytime!


Located in Byron Bay, Byron Electric Tattoo Removal is dedicated to delivering expert tattoo removal and lightening services to communities throughout the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast. Check out the Before & After gallery or view our Pricing.

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