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Erasing the Past: Byron Bay's Premier Tattoo Removal Destination

Byron Electric has its roots in the Tattoo industry. After relocating to the Northern Rivers, we decided to focus exclusively on the removal side of the business. 

Inspired to create something truly unique, we envisioned a space where clients could address both the physical and emotional aspects of their unwanted ink without fear of judgement.

Beyond removing tattoos, Byron Electric embodies good vibes and old-fashioned hospitality. From the laid-back atmosphere of the gallery space, to the team's genuine warmth and expertise, every aspect of the experience is considered to put you at ease. At Byron Electric, we are all-inclusive, and everybody is welcome.

Byron Bay Tattoo Removal

Introducing: Meet our lead Laser Removal Technician

Byron Bay Tattoo Removal

Nik's expertise is multifaceted, drawing from years of experience as a Tattoo industry veteran and shop owner. 

With a deep understanding of tattoo application, Nik brings invaluable insight to the tattoo removal process, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every session. His comprehensive training under the Head Quanta Systems engineer, coupled with certifications in laser safety and skin sciences. Nik's dedication to his craft is evident in his proven track record of successful removals.

Healthcare professionals have been among his clients, demonstrating the trust placed in him by those in the medical field. With Nik's wealth of knowledge and skill, clients can trust that they are in capable hands.

Why Choose Byron Electric: Our commitment to Client Satisfaction

"Nik is very knowledgeable, and treats this like the art form it was to get the tattoos on!
Even after one session, i can see real change. I cant wait to see how they respond after this last shot."


Experience: Tattoo Removal Only.

Blending knowledge, skill, and reliable technology to deliver honest and consistent results in tattoo removals and fading.

Affordability: Value Without Compromise.

Competitive prices and packages designed with your budget in mind, guarantees value without compromising on quality.

Technology: Lasers built for purpose.

Innovative Q-switch laser machines, backed by a wealth of scientific evidence and a track record of exceptional results.

Results: Delivering Real Outcomes.

Combining expertise and experience  to successfully remove and lighten tattoos for many satisfied clients.

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What Are The Costs Of Tattoo Removal

Cost varies depending on size. Check out our competitive price-list!

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