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Your Upcoming Tattoo Removal Session

Thank you for partnering with us at Byron Electric Tattoo and congrats on taking that first step—we're here to guarantee our results if you’re patient and committed to the process. Please review the details below to ensure you're all set for your upcoming session.

Arrival and Company

  • Please arrive on time for your 30-40 minute session. If running late or in need of parking, give us a quick call or text.

  • Bring a friend or a well-behaved pet for support.


Attire and Preparation

  • Dress comfortably; footwear isn't needed in the studio.

  • If the treatment area has hair, lightly shave or trim a day before.

  • Payment: Bring cash or use our payment processor.

Numbing Cream

  • If using numbing cream (encouraged), apply it properly 2 hours before your appointment.

  • We recommend EMLAR (Watch a short YouTube video here), available over the counter, or our stronger NUMBUP, sold in-store or mailed to you.



  • Initial consult and treatment: 30-40 minutes (size dependent) Future sessions are quicker, lasting 10-30 minutes. Give yourself enough time; no need to feel rushed.


What to Bring

  • Organic Aloe gel

  • Bottle of water

  • Flexible ice pack (optional)

  • Stamoderm liquid protective dressing (optional)

  • Ibuprofen (optional)


The Process

  • Discussion and Inspection: Understanding your tattoo.

  • Questions: Feel free to ask anything.

  • Consent Form: Completing paperwork as we prepare.

  • Preparation: Wiping down the treatment area.

  • Pre-cooling: Using an ice pack to cool the area.

  • Test Spots: Firing 1-2 test spots to set the laser.

  • Laser Treatment: Commencing the tattoo removal process.

  • Post-Treatment: Applying aloe vera, allowing residual heat to dissipate.

Location: How to Find Us

We are located In the Byron Arts and Industrial Estate.

  • Follow Centennial Circuit to Reece Plumbing Supplies; we're across the road at Block 59.

  • Limited parking in the block; street parking is available.

  • If needed, park at the IGA on Bayshore Drive and walk to Block 59.

  • Studio is the second last on the left, with a sandwich board and garden area. Number 5.

We're here for any questions or concerns. Looking forward to providing you with a positive and effective tattoo removal session!

Let's Get Started

Start your tattoo removal journey today with Byron Electric.

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